Bariatric Endoscopy

Bariatric Endoscopy in Arcadia, CA & Los Angeles, CA

We understand that the decision to get weight loss surgery isn’t always an easy one. You may be feeling mixed emotions or have concerns. Know that our board-certified gastroenterologist Dr. Donald Portocarrero and the team at Gastrointestinal & Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solutions provide compassionate, understanding, and judgment-free weight loss solutions that take into account your health, preexisting medical conditions, lifestyle, and more. Patients living in and around Arcadia, CA, have trusted us as their leader in bariatrics and obesity treatment.

About Bariatric Endoscopies in Arcadia, CA & Los Angeles, CA

Bariatric Endoscopy in Arcadia, CA

Here at Gastrointestinal & Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solutions in Arcadia, CA, we offer a variety of endoscopic bariatric procedures that alter the size of the stomach, thereby reducing hunger and making patients feel fuller faster with less food. Some of the most popular endoscopic bariatric treatments we offer include the endoscopic gastric sleeve and the intra-gastric balloon. Unlike traditional surgeries, endoscopic bariatric treatments are minimally invasive and only require the use of a thin, flexible scope that’s inserted into the stomach through the mouth. This procedure is far safer and less likely to result in complications like traditional bariatric surgeries.

Types of Bariatric Endoscopies

Over the last decade, we’ve seen many advancements in the type of endoscopic procedures that can help patients lose weight without the need for invasive surgery. This provides our patients who’ve struggled to lose weight with a less invasive alternative to the traditional bariatric methods. Here at Gastrointestinal & Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solutions, we offer,

Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve (Gastroplasty): a procedure that decreases the size of the stomach to reduce hunger cravings and control portion size

Transoral gastric outlet reduction (TORe): a procedure that helps patients who have regained weight after their gastric bypass

Gastric balloon: a balloon is placed inside the stomach and inflated, where it will stay for six months to reduce food consumption and to help you feel fuller faster

If you are around the Los Angeles, CA area and you have questions about a bariatric endoscopy or you’d like to sit down with Dr. Portocarrero to discuss bariatrics and which obesity treatment is right for you, call Gastrointestinal & Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solutions in Arcadia, CA, at (626) 461-5408.

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