IV Vitamin Treatment

Taking in the right amount of vitamins and minerals is vital to how you look and feel. You need vitamins and minerals to provide energy, cell renewal, aid in organ function, and more. Now, there is a new, much more efficient way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs: It’s called IV Vitamin therapy. 

Dr. Donald Portocarrero at Gastrointestinal & Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solutions in Arcadia, CA, offers a wide range of weight loss and wellness services, including IV Vitamin therapy. He proudly serves residents of Arcadia, and Los Angeles, CA.

IV Basic Hydration $150

Quick IV hydration to replenish electrolytes.

IV Energy $175

IV Fluid + B complex vitamins + Vit B12 + Vit C to re-energize your life!

IV Immunity $225

IV Fluids + B complex vitamins + Vit B12 + Vit C + Glutathione to boost your immune system!

IV Beauty $250

IV Fluids + B complex vitamins + Vit B12 + Vit C + Glutathione + Biotin is a great blend to detoxify your body and boost your skin, hair, and nails healthy well-being

IV Hangover $275

IV Fluids + B complex vitamins +Vit B12 + Toradol + Zofran + protonix to treat hangover symptoms of pain and nausea/vomiting plus replenish vitamins and minerals faster and recover better after a night of partying!

IV NAD+ $700 / IV NAD + Energy $875

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that is very important for our metabolism. NAD plays a central role in energy regulation and healthy cell function. Potential benefits include slowing down the aging process, improves mentation, enhances rehabilitation and recovery from injury, compliment depression and anxiety treatments, boost energy level and reduce fatigue, enhances weight loss management, and improvement in overall health

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